iXblue - Marine Survey Specialists

iXblue Pty Ltd is marine survey specialist and provides accurate marine surveys and monitoring of the total marine eco-system to Government agencies, oil & gas companies, telecommunications companies, port and harbour authorities, renewable energy companies and defence organisations around the world.

Unique Differences


Advanced Technology

iXblue is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative solutions devoted to navigation, positioning and underwater imaging, as well as shipbuilding, photonics and test & simulation. View our Equipment.


Extensive Experience

The iXblue team has extensive experience in surveying and monitoring in all types of underwater environments and conditions,  including seas, coastlines, harbours and inland waterways.   Meet our enthusiastic team.


Efficient Services

We tailor our survey services to meet your unique objectives, schedules, challenges and budgets. Our flexibility and ability to adapt quickly to meet special requirements is highly valued by our clients. See our Projects.

Tailored Services

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