Our Clients Rely on us For Precision

iXblue undertakes accurate marine surveys and monitoring of the total marine eco-system for Government agencies, oil & gas companies, telecommunications companies, port and harbour authorities, renewable energy companies and defence organisations around the world.

What We Survey

Our main purpose and focus is to provide our clients with detailed and precise marine surveys of the underwater environment, and includes survey of oceans, seas, lakes, dams and rivers.

The Purpose of Marine Surveys

feliX catamaran - an iXblue vessel for marine surveys

feliX survey catamaran

Survey is an essential service performed to ensure the safety of all marine traffic using the marine environment to undertake their business.  Survey is also critical to monitor and protect the marine environment from damage caused directly or indirectly from mankind’s interaction with the marine environment

Accuracy is vital, as people's lives depend on being able to navigate safely above and below the waterline.

In addition to aiding safe navigation, some of our clients use our precise marine survey services to assist them plan and undertake under-water construction and operations.

We also provide services such as current metering, environmental monitoring, tidal studies, sea bed sampling and other specialised marine surveying services.

How We Manage Projects

Incredible Technology:  As part of the global technology innovator - iXblue, we are in the fortunate position of having access to a wide range of state-of-the-art technology and equipment to use on our survey projects.  The equipment and technology we use enables us to provide a varied range of services with incredible precision.

Sound Project Management: We manage each survey project using our proven five step operational process.  This methodology helps to ensure that contingencies are anticipated and each phase of the project is managed efficiently, to schedule and within budget.

Who We Are and Why We're a Little Different

Our teams are comprised of highly qualified and experienced hydrographers, oceanographers, marine environmental engineers, marine biologists, geologists and geophysicists and divers.  Some have extensive Naval experience and others considerable oil and gas and offshore industry experience.  What sets our teams apart from other survey companies is our substantial "hands on" experience in driving ships and navigation.  This background gives us a healthy respect for accurate charting.

iXblue Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of iXblue SAS, a leading global provider renowned for innovative equipment solutions and services for navigation, positioning and imaging.  This gives us access to a worldwide base of advanced equipment and technology and expert team resources.

We're Highly Flexible

We don't offer a menu of services from which our customers must choose.  We tailor our service to achieve each customers' project requirements because every project is different in terms of surveying objectives, schedules, geographic challenges and budget.

In addition to our extremely qualified and experienced core team we have access to a pool of experienced contractors when needed.

Our large inventory of state-of-the-art equipment and technology is kept in prime working condition so that it is available to use on our projects.  We have access to further equipment through our parent company and through other suppliers when needed.

We have been advised by several clients that our flexibility and ability to adapt quickly to meet client requirements is a highly valued component of our overall service.

Who We Support

Defence_Reserves_Support_QldIn Australia we are proud to have won a DSRC-QLD Employer Support Award from Defence Reserves Support Council, Qld; presented in recognition of the support given to the Australian Defence Reserves. One of our Australian Senior Surveyors, Geoff Lawes, undertakes operations with the RAN Hydrographic Service in Cairns twice a year.


SSSIWe are also pleased to be a member of the SSSI Sustaining Partner Program.  Through this program we support the SSSI's ongoing work in developing and maintaining professional excellence within the spatial sciences community.