Hydrographic and Topographic Mapping

Strategic partnership solves the land-sea interface challenge in SW Pacific

The fact that there are many regions of the world that remain poorly charted will come as no surprise to most of us.  This is particularly true in the South West Pacific region, where mariners today rely upon navigational charts that were compiled over one hundred years ago, using data that was collected using lead…

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aerial mapping services

Woolpert and iXblue Partner to Deliver Aerial Mapping Services

Woolpert, Inc and iXblue Sea Operations division, part of iXblue Group based in France, have formed a strategic partnership to provide aerial mapping services to clients in Australia, New Zealand and across the South Pacific. The pairing combines the reputation and regional business development expertise of iXblue, a global marine survey and technology firm, with…

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iXblue Australasian Survey Team

iXblue Australasian Survey Team Get Together

As a relatively small and agile company, we are in the fortunate position where most of our iXblue Australasian survey team members get to work from home when they’re not out on location undertaking client surveys.  As you can imagine, our staff love this flexibility, however it does pose two problems: Keeping everyone up to…

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Anoxic seafloor bottom

How to do Seafloor Sampling When You’re Not Allowed to

Here’s a tricky problem to ponder. How do you take samples of the seabed in a marine park, where you are not allowed to take any actual physical samples? Coming up with the answer to this tricky problem was one of the exciting challenges the iXblue team faced during our recent 7-week survey of the…

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Drix capabilities demonstrated to industry in Auckland

iXblue is one of several firms leading the charge into the domain of unmanned and autonomous survey vessels, suitable for use in offshore applications. During my visit to the Ocean Business Exhibition in Southampton, in April 2019, there were unmanned survey vessels of all shapes and sizes everywhere you looked.  There is no doubt that…

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Unmanned survey vessel drix

South Pacific Survey Achieves a Few World Firsts

The world’s first ever survey project (of scale) using Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB), Airborne Bathymetric Lidar (ABL) and a vessel mounted multi beam echo sounder was successfully completed in Tonga on Christmas Eve. The challenges were many, including the scale of the project, shallow waters in places, some unchartered waters and old data and charts…

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hydrographic survey management

The Joy of Getting Back on The Tools for a Brief Time

The survey dream When Dave Field and myself established the Australasian survey division of iXblue over 11 years ago, we assumed that we would spend much of our time at sea playing on boats and surveying the world. As with most things in life, our plans and visions for the future have not always played…

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Drix Tauranga

Unmanned Survey Vessel DriX Arrives for Maiden South Pacific Survey

  This week sees the commencement of an exciting new era for the iXblue Survey Division and the iXblue Shipyard. 12 iXblue personnel are currently in the beautiful city of Tauranga, New Zealand, adding the final touches to the DriX unmanned survey vessel.  Six of the personnel from iXblue France, joined our Australian / New…

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mapping coastlines kaikoura

Mapping Coastlines: A Case Study in Kaikoura, New Zealand

Why do we need to map the coast? After a powerful M7.8 earthquake shook North Canterbury, New Zealand in 2016, iXblue was contracted to perform detailed seafloor mapping to update nautical charts.  An important part of making charts is accurately drawing the coastline.  The complex tectonic environment in New Zealand makes the coastal zone rather…

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Kaikoura Earthquake Faults

Amphibious Coastal Mapping Post-Earthquake in Kaikoura, NZ

The Strongest Earthquake in 150 years On 14 November, 2016 a powerful M7.8 earthquake shook North Canterbury, New Zealand. It was the strongest quake in over 150 years and is one of the most complex earthquakes ever recorded with modern instruments. The rupture lasted nearly 2 minutes in total causing surface faults extensive displacement, horizontally…

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