Conducting a dimensional control survey of survey vessels is one of the first tasks we undertake when commencing a hydrographic survey.

The conventional method of measuring offsets using a tape only provides accuracy to within about 50mm. iXblue uses a dimensional control process as it provides far greater accuracy – to within 1-2mm and achieve a much better result for our clients.

Senior Surveyor Owen Friedlieb explains how it provides an accurate determination of the x-y offsets between sensors onboard the vessels, so we can relate those from our reference point on the vessel back to any node that we want to position during the survey.

Later, during mobilisation we conduct various underway calibration testing, and the offsets are critical for identifying any misalignments between various equipment items.

David Donohue

As Managing Director David's role is to ensure clients' surveys are undertaken with precision and to meet budgets, schedules and relevant survey standards. His particular driving passion is innovation and process improvement.

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