No-one will ever argue that dolphins are not beautiful creatures.  They're playful, inquisitive and they bring absolute joy to anyone who encounters them whilst out on the water.

To see them racing along the side of the boat, playing in the bow wave, seemingly dancing together and having a great time together is a breathtaking experience.

However - when you're conducting a hydrographic survey in Australia - the joy can turn to exasperation. Because being inquisitive - they like to dive beneath the boat and inspect the equipment. And every time they swim underneath the transducers, the data we've collected is rendered useless.

Check out the video of our Doubtless Bay and Rangaunu Bay survey in New Zealand.  See these gorgeous creatures at play, and being just a little pesky, and what we had to do to continue the survey - without dolphin interference.


We love dolphins - we just wish they would come play when we've finished surveying for the day!

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David Field

Dave is responsible for Project Management of all IXSURVEY Australia operations. Primarily planning from project award, to execution, to final product delivery to the Client. Dave has managed many hydrographic surveys in New Zealand and other locations for a variety of government and Oil and Gas Industry clients.

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