State-of-the-Art Equipment is Essential

Accuracy, precision, resolution - these are the results our clients must have . . .  which is why we only use the state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

In this industry, equipment and technology is constantly being updated to improve capabilities and efficiencies, and we invest time and resources reviewing and testing innovations to ensure that we use the best systems available, worldwide. 

Our Equipment Testing Role

One of the interesting things we get to do is to test new equipment and technology for our parent company iXblue.  iXblue is a leading global developer of navigation, positioning, and imaging solutions for civil and defense organisations and are renowned for their ultimate performance fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOG), acoustic and sonar signal processing, and inertial-acoustic sensor data fusion.

Posodinia - Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) Positioning System
GNSS Tide Buoy
GAPS- Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) positioning system
IXBLUE Shadows - Side scan sonar

The Survey Equipment We Use

The key equipment we have available to use on projects is outlined below.  Our inventory also includes ADCP, CTD, tide gauges, turbidity sensors and acoustic releases from leading manufacturers including Teledyne RDI, FSI, Nortek, In-Situ and iXblue.


The Survey Software We Use

iXblue owns and operates the latest survey system software suites from QPS, Hypack, CARIS, ESRI, iXblue and Novatel.  We work closely with the software suppliers to ensure the various software suites are fully compatible with our equipment.

We have an annual training program for our team members which ensures that they are skilled up in the latest features and functionality of each software system.  The training and courses are conducted by the Software OEMS.


Maintenance and Support Facilities

We have a 1000m2 seaside workshop in La Ciotat and a riverside facility in Brisbane for the storage, maintenance and testing of our equipment.

Our inhouse dedicated survey engineers and technicians maintain all our equipment to ensure it is fully operational at all times.


Our Asset Management Strategy

Although we are fortunate to have a substantial inventory of assets to call on, there are times when asset availability is limited because we are undertaking multiple projects simultaneously.

We make sure that our high standards of accuracy, precision and efficiency are maintained and that every project has the equipment and technology needed to meet specific project requirements.  We are able to do this because we enjoy a close working relationship with a select group of specialist and reputable marine equipment suppliers who have proven to  be a reliable source of quality, late model survey sensors and support.