Introducing our unique unmanned survey vessel DriX, which has revolutionised hydrographic surveying around the world, and in particular in the South Pacific region.

  • At 7.7m long, Drix has a 0.7m beam, 2m keel, 37.5 hp diesel engine, 250l fuel tank and displacement of 1.4 tons; Drix can motor at over 10 knots.
  • It can be fitted with a range of equipment to suit specific requirements, is economical on fuel consumption and it’s low weight and narrow beam makes it easy to transport.
  • Operated by wifi remote control, the design provides stable data acquisition, even at high speed.
  • Safety features include collision avoidance, homing device for recovery and manual override at any time.

DriX was designed and built by our iXblue shipyard, following our own in-house surveyors’ teams’ requirements.

Drix Data Sheet