Environmental Monitoring

The marine environment is impacted in many different ways by the activities of mankind.  To support the monitoring and measurement of this environmental impact, iXblue adopts a multisensory solution with the same degree of rigour used to perform oceanographic and geophysical surveys. An extensive inventory of industry leading sensors and the expertise to design and build specialist moorings and buoys ensures that our clients receive a high quality, reliable service.

iXblue preparing for environmental monitoring project iXblue diving for environmental-monitoring iXblue Diver undertaking Environmental monitoring

Our expertise includes:

  • Real-time environmental monitoring of dams, lakes, rivers and oceans
  • Baseline surveys
  • Artificial reef design, installation and control
  • Coral growth and seagrass monitoring

Environmental Impact Studies

Many marine infrastructure projects now require extensive Environmental Impact and Desk Top Studies to be undertaken in the planning phase.  This includes the landfalls for telecommunications cables, outfalls and waste management from industry and beach water quality.

  • EIS - environmental impact study
  • DTS - desktop study

iXblue charting undersea cable landing    iXblue Diver undertaking Environmental monitoring    iXblue Diver undertaking Environmental monitoring

Environmental Projects