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Offshore marine infrastructure projects often require specialist geophysical & bathymetric survey company to safely plan and execute construction.  Projects including offshore wind farm development, MRE (marine renewables) development, cable and pipeline route investigation and coastal and civil engineering all require a thorough understanding of the immediate marine environment. Geophysical survey Australia using a multitude of sensors are undertaken to measure and characterize the site of each marine project. Contact iXblue Australia the geophysical & bathymetric survey company for more details.

High Resolution Bathymetry

Multi-beam echo sounders are used to obtain high resolution bathymetry of the seafloor.  Full sea floor overage surveys using this technology provide vital and detailed information on the nature and character of the survey site.

iXblue Bathymetric Surveys    iXblue Bathymetric Surveys iXblue Bathymetric Surveys   iXblue Bathymetric Surveys  iXblue Bathymetry Survey Data

Sonar Imagery

Sonar survey is the provision of seabed imagery for seabed nature characterization as well as obstruction detection and identification.  We use side scan sonars, back-scattered multi-beam data and synthetic aperture sonars to capture and record this imagery.

iXblue - Sonar Imagery iXblue - Sonar Imagery iXblue - Sonar Imagery iXblue - Sonar Imagery

Marine Magnetometer Survey

Magnetometry information aids in the detection of geomorphological anomalies and ferrous obstructions (unexploded ordnance, ship wrecks, cars, containers, cables and pipelines).

Sub-Bottom Profiling / Seismic Survey

We have experience in providing information on sediment layers and sub-bottom geological morphology. Our experience includes the use of shallow and deep sub-bottom profilers (chirp, boomer and sparker) and ultra-high resolution seismic (sparker and Air-Gun) (UHRS) for pre-construction engineering.

ROV Survey

We regularly team with ROV service providers to support the deep deployment of geophysical equipment to obtain high resolution survey – regardless of the water depth. ROVs are typically employed for cable and pipeline route surveys.

iXblue ROV surveys  iXblue ROV surveys  iXblue ROV surveys iXblue ROV surveys

Data Management and GIS

The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) industry has mandated the use of standardized guidelines for the capture and reporting of GIS data. iXblue owns and operates industry Esri ArcGIS software for this purpose and delivers client oriented GIS structure following the OGP guidelines as a baseline.

 Sub-bottom--2 GIS---2  GIS---1iXblue - Geophysical surveys

Geophysical Projects


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