iXblue Australia is a leading hydrographic survey company that works in accordance with stringent International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) standards, or equivalent.

Our teams of highly experienced and accredited hydrographers conduct surveys globally for Government agencies, the Oil & Gas, Energy, Telecommunications and Marine Renewables sectors.

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Nautical Charting Surveys

Charting Chalky Islands

Accurate surveying is crucial for the production of nautical charts that are relied upon by mariners around the world for safe navigation and protection of the marine environment.

Our hydrographic survey company has extensive experience in the planning, collection, processing and reporting of data needed to meet the strict guidelines set by government hydrographic authorities.

Since 2008 we have provided nautical charting services to Land Information New Zealand. We've conducted multiple major projects, surveyed over 30,000 Nm with high-resolution multi-beam echo sounders, and delivered precise data to aid the production of official New Zealand nautical charts.

River Surveys

iXblue - river survey in PNGWe undertake river surveys for clients who hold valuable mineral resources upstream and plan to utilise adjacent or nearby river systems to transport the resource to market. These surveys are undertaken to determine if it is navigationally feasible and viable to use the river for transport in lieu of building expensive rail or road infrastructure. Our objective is to provide our clients with the data which details the safest navigable route through complex river systems and areas of mobile river bed which may change over time.

We have the experience and capabilities needed to manage the ‘heighting’ or reduction of sounding challenge posed by long river systems where the variation in water level along the course of the river is significant.

In 2013 we conducted an extensive multi-beam survey of the Fly and Strickland Rivers in Papua New Guinea.  We have also charted several hundred kilometres of the Zambezi River in Mozambique and the Sepik River in the north of PNG.

Pre-Seismic Hazard Clearance Surveys

iXblue pre-siesmic surveyThe world’s leading Seismic companies rely upon hazard clearance surveys to ensure the safety of future seismic surveys. They need to be assured that the areas are clear and free of unchartered obstructions that may cause damage to seismic vessels or the multi-channel streamers that are towed.

We have undertaken numerous pre-seismic survey projects in Asian and European waters.  The multi-beam echo sounder is our sensor of choice for these surveys, however in specific environmental circumstances we may tow a side scan sonar or single beam echo sounder instead.

When time frames are particularly tight, our iXblue Party Chief may communicate with the Client several times a day to ensure the project is on track to meet all requirements and to ensure that we complete before the seismic vessel arrives.

iXblue has worked extensively with CGG providing pre-seismic hazard clearance surveys around the world. We have also undertaken support operations for seismic survey contractors in Jakarta, Vietnam, Malaysia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Darwin and the North Sea.  Our teams are highly experienced in installing high-resolution multi-beam systems and associated sensors and we have a long track record of providing these types of surveys in a cost-effective and timely manner.


Pre and Post Dredging Surveys

Aerial view of Darwin Harbour

Many port authorities need to undertake routine or periodic dredging of their berths, channels and fairways to be sure of the continued safe navigation of maritime traffic.  Dredging surveys are a critical component of this safety function and are performed to a high degree of horizontal and vertical accuracy using the latest technology and techniques.

We hold a substantial inventory of equipment in-house which is ideally suited to the demands of this type of survey, and our teams are fully experienced and skilled in undertaking high order surveys for dredging programs.

We can mobilise for pre and post dredging surveys at short notice and can also provide personnel to undertake the client representative role for dredging campaigns.

Hydrographic Surveys