Strong winds and waves, high tides, currents, salinity and temperature variation, turbidity – are all factors that can affect the marine environment and civil engineering construction projects and operations.

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Measurements in Situ

 iXblue - Metocean monitoring equipment   IXBLUE - Metocean monitoring insitu iXblue - Metocean monitoringiXblue - Metocean data analysis

To support coastal engineering and construction work, marine renewables development and environmental assessment, iXblue has developed a comprehensive service in physical oceanography.

We provide

  • Metocean systems maintenance
  • Real-time monitoring or embedded data logging
  • Meteocean alerts
  • Instrumentation and moorings adapted to the environment and project requirements
  • Wave buoys, metocean buoys, swell and current meters and bio-geochemical sensors
  • Instrumentation and moorings designed specifically for each location and any unique project requirements. This substantially reduces the risk of incurring damage and accidents caused by inadequate moorings

Data Analysis

Our experienced oceanographers also provide high quality metocean reporting to assist with Metocean condition interpretation.

Metocean data analysis covers:

  • Temporal and statistical analysis
  • Intercorrelation
  • Spectral and zero crossing wave analysis
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Tidal prediction

iXblue Metocean data analysis IXBLUE Metocean data analysis iXblue Metocean data analysisiXblue Metocean data analysis