UXO, unexploded ordnance, UXB

UXO detection

Often significant infrastructure projects are planned in locations where Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) may be present.

UXO surveys are undertaken to detect and position UXO for future removal.  These surveys are undertaken over locations intended for oil or gas pipelines, areas requiring dredging for the first time or over areas planned for windfarms.

The detection of UXO requires similar expertise and equipment to that utilised for full geophysical surveys. iXblue have significant recent experience in the conduct of UXO surveys using multiple sensor spreads and the latest detection techniques.

These techniques provide the highest detection rates for identifying UXO with respect to the surrounding geomorphological conditions.

Proven UXO survey techniques include:

  • Archives and desktop study
  • Targeting of high resolution sidescan sonar imagery and multibeam data
  • High density magnetometer or gradiometer survey
  • Alternatively sub-bottom and electromagnetic detection techniques
  • In-house data quality control and processing for UXO detection