We Love What We Do

They say that when you work in a job doing what you love to do, then it's not work.  And that's how it is at iXblue.  We love planning and undertaking surveys - especially the more challenging projects.

In our French office we have multi-disciplinary teams, including a Hydrography Team, an Oceanography Team, a Biology Team, an Equipment team, an Administrative team and teams who manage our vessels - iXPlorer and GGIX.

For large projects or multi project schedules, we also have access to the teams in our Scottish and Australian offices, as well as to pools of expert contractors.

Meet the iXblue France Team

David Vincentelli, Business Development Manager - iXblue

David Vincentelli, Managing Director

David is an IHO/FIG Cat. A hydrographer with 14 years’ experience. In 2006 he obtained his Master's degree in hydrography and marine science and developed his career as party-chief on a variety of marine survey operations. He has experience in the Oil & Gas, cable routes and dredging sectors, as well as with the renewing of the admiralty charts and coastal and port development projects. Since 2012 David has been taking care of the client and industry needs for iXblue's Sea Operations Division in France and became the Managing Director in 2020.

Hydrography Team

Fabien Germond, Geophysical & Hydrographic Manager - iXblue France

Fabien Germond, Geophysical & Hydrographic Manager

Fabien is an IHO / FIG Cat. A Hydrographic Surveyor and graduated with a Masters of Science with a Distinction in Surveying. With over 10yrs experience with iXblue, he is a key player when it comes to introducing innovation into the survey world. Fabien has consolidated and expanded the department into becoming a major multi-disciplinary survey service.

Victor Laforet, Hydrographer GIS Specialist - iXblue France

Victor Laforet, Hydrographer GIS Specialist

Graduated from Intechmer in 2008, Victor gained five years experience as an offshore surveyor and GIS specialist before joining iXblue in 2013 as Senior Surveyor and GIS Manager. He has been involved in the full range of multi-disciplinary surveys including site surveys, cable inspections, marine archeological surveys and UXO surveys. Victor's survey and GIS skills enable him to optimize the execution of ping to chart deliverables and GIS geodatabase deliverables. He is also very adept at managing large charting projects.

Carole Chaize, Coastal Engineer - iXblue France

Carole Chaize, Project Manager

A graduate in Marine Measurements and Instrumentation in Coastal Engineering (Msc), Carole possesses 15 years experience and a solid expertise in the use and interpretation of oceanographic, geo-physical, and hydrographic data.

Her multidisciplinary experience gives her a pragmatic overview of the environmental challenges associated with offshore & coastal developments.

Agathe Hussherr, Marine Geologist Geophysist - iXblue France

Agathe Hussherr, Marine Geologist—Geophysist

After obtaining her Master’s degree in Ocean Geoscience, Agathe joined iXblue as a geologist and geophysicist in 2013.

Agathe provides geological advice on many of our projects and is an active member on all geophysical and hydrographic surveys.

Her specialty is seismic tools, from acquisition to interpretation.

Sylvain Mery, Hydrographic Surveyor - iXblue France

Sylvain Mery, Party Chief / Project Engineer

Sylvain is an IHO / FIG Cat B Hydrographic Surveyor with a Bsc in Offshore Surveying. After spending several years working underwater in diving world operations, he surfaced to join the high tech world of exploration. Sylvain is proactive, multi-skilled and adaptive. He is the person you want on your team to get you out of any tricky situation.

Olivier Moisan, Hydrographic surveyor - iXblue France

Olivier Moisan, Party Chief / Project Engineer

Olivier is an IHO / FIG Cat A Hydrographic Surveyor with a Msc in Hydrographic Surveying. The engineering degree he undertook at ENSTA equipped him with advanced knowledge in new surveying technologies and project management. A specialist in sounding assessments, Olivier played a significant role in the development of an integrated embarked 3D laser scanning system and ROV cable inspection system.

Florian Schattner, Hydrographic Surveyor, iXblue France

Florian Schattner, Hydrographic Surveyor

Florian is a promising IHO / FIG Cat A Hydrographic Surveyor who graduated with a Msc in Hydrographic Surveying from ENSTA. Since joining iXblue in 2014 Florian has taken part in several major surveys, and been involved in investigating  underwater laser scanning capabilities on some of our key projects.

Boris Hanot, Cartographer - iXblue France

Boris Hanot, Cartographer

A GIS specialist for 15 years with a focus on geosciences, Boris joined iXblue in 2014. He analyses, merges and plots geotechnical, geophysical and geographical data into a variety of Geographic Information Systems.

He also develops protocols and programs to improve the speed and automation of GIS data processing and management.

Oceanography Team

Sandrine Robin, Oceanographic Project Manager - iXblue France

Sandrine Robin, Oceanographic Project Manager

Sandrine holds a technical Master's Degree in Oceanographie Instrumentation, Metocean Survey & Monitoring from the University of Toulon and a Masters in Marine Environment Sciences (option coastal oceanography) from the Oceanology Center of Marseille.

Since 2008, Sandrine has been in charge of the iXblue Oceanographic Department and is responsible for the acquisition of quality data that complies with good survey practices for current, swell, tide and other meteorological parameters. Her expertise and experience is paramount for the development of adapted survey methodology in challenging, marine environments.

Agnes Bourret, Oceanographer - iXblue France

Agnes Bourret, Oceanographer

Agnes joined iXblue in 2007 after a 2 year teaching term as Assistant Professor with the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography. She has a PhD in modeling of sea currents and an Engineering Diploma from the High School of Engineers of Marseille. She specializes in real time monitoring of oceanographic parameters (current, hydrologic and biological) with GPRS, VHF and satellite transmission.

Matthieu Beaudin, Oceanographer - iXblue France

Matthieu Beaudin, Oceanographer

Matthieu joined iXblue in September 2011 after obtaining his Masters degree from the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography. He specialises in the deployment and recovery of ADCP, CTD and multi-parameters probes, and metocean buoys during sea campaigns. Since joining iXblue, Matthieu has managed several projects including eight metocean buoys deployed for dredging works and wind farm pre-studies.

Nicolas Chaplain, Oceanographer - iXblue

Nicolas Chaplain, Oceanographer

Nicolas joined iXblue in 2014 as a Junior Oceanographer, after obtaining his Masters degree at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography in France. He is a specialist in metocean data post-processing, quality checks and analysis.

He is also experienced with survey activities and regularly supports Senior Hydrographers.

Administrative Team

Marie-Helene Pepino, Administrative & Financial Manager - iXblue France

Marie-Helene Pepino, Administrative & Financial Manager

iXblue's former accountant, Marie-Hélène is the administrative and financial interface between iXblue and the iXBlue group.

She is in charge of preparing budgets, financial reports, managing payroll and insurance liaison.

She also works closely with iXblue Project Managers to cost projects and manage project expenses.

Jennifer Faure, Administrative Assistant - iXblue France

Jennifer Faure, Administrative Assistant

Jennifer joined iXblue in 2008 and is responsible for supplier management. She also provides valuable assistance with commercial and accounting tasks.

Equipment Team

Benoit Poyelle, Shore Support Manager - iXblue France

Benoit Poyelle, Shore Support Manager

Since joining iXblue in 2014, IHO/FIG Cat A Hydrographer Benoît has been in charge of all shore support and survey compliancy. With15 years experience in challenging nearshore, offshore and and remote areas both clients and staff have come to rely heavily on his clear and precise technical advice. Benoît also oversees ship mobilisation and calibration, and manages the company's technology inventory.

Sebastien roussel Le Moguen, Equipment manager - iXblue France

Sebastien Roussel Le Moguen, Equipment Manager

After he spent six years in Brest, France at the former iXSea office and factory, Electronic Engineer Sébastien moved to the iXblue Scottish office. During his 12 years in Scotland he worked as a survey engineer for nine years and then managed the equipment rental and sales business for three years.

In 2010, Sébastien joined iXblue office in France and manages all equipment maintenance as well as transport and logistics.

Roger Kieffer, Maintenance Agent - iXblue France

Roger Kieffer, Maintenance Agent

Roger joined iXblue in 2005 and assists Sébastien with organising and managing the workshop. A very organised person, Roger is adept at managing and maintaining the large pool of oceanographic and geophysical equipment owned by the company.


Philippe Gassier, GGIX Captain - iXblue France

Philippe Gassier, Marine Operations Manager

Philippe, a professional diver Class II has 25 years' experience in the diving and underwater business.

He is in charge of preparing and managing all iXblue's diving operations and supervises numerous complex marine operations.

Ilios Papoulias, GGIX Captain - iXblue France

Ilios Papoulias, GGIX Captain

Professional diver Class IIA, Captain Ilios also possesses the GIES & the CACES. He works with Philippe to prepare and supervise numerous complex underwater activities including diving, lifting, positioning and inspection of underwater structures.

Ilios is accredited by iXBlue to control & calibrate the USBL GAPS system.

Eric Chaumont, iXblue

Eric Chaumont, Professional Seaman

Professional diver Class IIA and Captain, Eric also possesses the GIES & the CACES.  He is involved in scientific studies, sea trials and coordinates  marine operations including diving and lifting.

Eric is accredited by iXBlue to control & calibrate the USBL GAPS underwater positioning systems.

Stephan Solaire, iXblue

Stéphane Solaire, Professional diver Class IIA

Captain Stephane also possesses the GIES & the CACES. Stephane's role is to provide the Project Managers and commercial teams with support on all marine operations.

Biology Team

Julie Frances, Marine Environmental Engineer, iXblue

Julie Frances, Marine Environmental Engineer

A graduate in Biodiversity and Sustainable Development (Msc) Julie supervises sampling campaigns, analysis, reporting of in situ measurements and interpretation with respect to the engineering challenges of various projects.

Laura Bardet, Marine Environmental Engineer

With a Masters Degree in Oceanography from the Marseille Institute of Oceanography (MIO), Laura manages all iXblue's marine and coastal environmental studies. Her multi-disciplinary skills enable her to manage marine biology projects and contribute to other field and laboratory activities.  Eric Delort and Laura Bardet are the company's technical experts in EIS (Environment Impact Study) and DTS (Desk Top Study) permits.